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Data Scientist for Social Good. Former MCAT Tutor and Content Writer. Pianist and Linguaphile. UChicago and Flatiron Alum.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to use FacetGrid with the various features of Seaborn to create engaging visualizations for your exploratory data analysis

Display of frames of different sizes, orientations, and colors on a wall with a dark grey wallpaper
Frame vector created by

Just a little bit of background. Amidst the economic and political uncertainty and after witnessing the tragedy that ensued as the original epicenter of the outbreak during the COVID epidemic, 15 NYC Metro Area residents as fledging data scientists made the decision to begin their metamorphosis at the Flatiron School…

A step-by-step tutorial on developing a machine learning classification algorithm for detecting hate tweets in Python

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

What are the consequences of posting a hate tweet?

On the tweet level, the following actions can be taken by Twitter:

  1. Label the tweet as containing disputed or misleading information
  2. Require you to remove the tweet before you can post again
  3. Hide the violating tweet while waiting for its removal

On the account level, these actions are taken for…

A comprehensive hands-on tutorial on class imbalance with coding examples in Python

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In the post-Corona era with the worst definitely behind us here in NYC and the States, we should all first of all take some time to give ourselves some long overdue TLC, but once that is all said and done, let’s talk about how to give your minority class some…

A comprehensive tutorial on regular expression and how to use the re module to enhance its capabilities in Python

As my fellow cohort members and I navigate through the remaining content portion before embarking on our capstone project, we have been invited to a feast to fill our gluttonous bellies with the cornucopia of the topics left in the curriculum, which includes unsupervised learning algorithms, i.e., cluster and principal…

A comprehensive tutorial on regular expression and how to use the Python module re to enhance your machine learning workflow

Photo by Cynthia Smith on Unsplash

2021 could not have arrived any sooner, as America as the beacon of democracy during an unprecedented pandemic is faced with an existential crisis not unlike the one Prince Hamlet grappled with during his soliloquy. …

Every society throughout mankind’s history has its own version of the fundamental principle of the lesser of two evils. In idyllic ancient Greece, Homer sang the tale of how Odysseus in his homeward journey is faced with the vexing choice of sacrificing six of his crewmen to satiate the voracious…

Steven Yan

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